Patrol Packages
The Placement of our security Officers is what generally places Metro Patrol Services in the position to confidently describe the implementation of security officers project as authentic. Our security officers are trained to make visible foot patrols and vehicle patrol throughout their posts.
Our patrol cars are equipped with safety and survival equipment, and emergency such as first Aid kit, Jumper starter kit, and tire inflation kit And spare gas container to provide off road services.

Patrol Services
Providing a visible deterrent for property crimes and crime against the client, which include criminal mischief, making graffiti, larceny, burglary, criminal tampering, and criminal trespass, misapplication of property, loitering, unauthorized gathering, soliciting, parking enforcement which includes but is not limited to issuing parking citations, having vehicles towed, entering employee vehicles into a software database, coordinating with local parking enforcement, enforcement of parking signs, photographing/video recording of any criminal or unauthorized activity, providing detailed written reports on incidents including a daily log of patrol activity. The terms are limited to the property of the client, so long as the property is located within the geographical area. Alerting the proper law enforcement authority, Client of the incident immediately.

Patrols will be made in a manner that enhances the visibility of the Patrol officer. The Patrols will be randomly made covering the assigned areas. Responsibilities include, but are not limited to the following:
  1. Escorts by request
  2. Parking lot security and safety for
  3. people and property.
  4. Parking lot rules enforcement.
  5. Property lighting report
  6. Roof Access
  7. Respond to all emergencies
  8. Property Damage Investigation
Patrol Assistant Car (PAC)
  1. Armed Vehicle escort
  2. Bank Drops escort
  3. Jewelry store Merchandise delivery escort
  4. Store closure hour protection detail and patrols
  5. Asset protection details
  6. Property patrol inspection check.
  7. Residential home check
  8. Holiday Patrol Assignments
Metro Patrol Services
promotes a drug free work environment with by pre-employment drug screening.
Has a general liability converge of 2,000,000 , and provide workman's compensation coverage up to 1000,000

Metro Patrol Vehicles are Equipped with:
  1. Patrol Car Video Surveillance system (PVC), Medical Kit (4) people
  2. Emergency disaster survival kit (4) people
  3. Fire Extinguisher
  4. Vehicle jump start kit
  5. Gas can
K-9 Service
  1. Conducts tracks
  2. Conducts searches
  3. K-9/ Guard Patrol